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American Music Magazine is published by the Swedish Rock 'n' Roll Club. We are a non profit making organisation devoted to real 50s rock 'n' roll music and our intention is to document, as far as possible, the early years of rock-a-billy, rock 'n' roll and its related artforms. The text of the magazine is in Swedish and English. Each issue is crammed full of original photographs and discographies. American Music Magazine is produced by rock fans for the real 50s rock fans. To receive a screen version of American Music Magazine send us an e-mail

American Music Magazine är en svensk tidning med övervägande svensk text. Tidningen utkommer kvartalsvis och handlar företrädesvis om 50-tals rock 'n' roll, rockabilly och relaterade musikformer som exempelvis country och rhythm & blues. American Music Magazine drivs idéelt och sätts samman av fans för fans.

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